The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 1 started off on an impressive note. Rachel Lindsay, Dallas attorney, met her 31 suitors on night one and she handed out the first impression rose to Bryan.

The premiere episode has also seen some interesting entries of the suitors from the limo. For instance, a suitor dressed as a penguin, another suitor broke the ice to show his muscle power and the most hilarious was the entry of suitor Lucas whose profession is “whaboom.”

But amidst all these suitors, Rachel was astonished to watch one suitor called Fred walking out of the limo. It appeared as if she knew him before the Bachelorette Season 13. And to the audience’s surprise, it did turn out to be a familiar face to Rachel.

From the premiere episode, it is clear that Fred has feelings for Rachel. And it appears that he has a very good chance to impress the attorney. Find out four reasons why this is possible:

The Bachelorette
Photo Credit: Facebook/The Bachelorette

1. Impressive Career

Fred has an impressive career background. He is described by ABC as a 27-year-old executive assistant from Dallas, TX. It is revealed earlier that Rachel is looking out for confident guys and Fred matches that qualifier. He is not only a confident man but also has an impressive career.

2. Host Chris Harrison Feels He Is Not A Creepy Guy

The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison has revealed to Yahoo TV that Fred is a sweet guy. He says, “But I promise he is a very sweet, good guy and there is nothing creepy about it.”

3. Fred Knows Rachel From Childhood

Fred knows Rachel since their childhood. Harrison has told to the aforementioned source, “Fred and Rachel were at this camp together when they were teenagers.” He continues, “Rachel was his slightly older camp counselor. Fred had a crush on her and he has carried the torch for quite some time,” he explained.

4. The Bachelorette Season 13 Premiere They Have A Chat

Fred and Rachel build the instant connection on the first night of the Season 13 premiere. He tells Rachel during their alone time that he has always found her very attractive. He also shows the yearbook to her. And, confesses that he had a crush on Rachel.

The Bachelorette Season 13 Episode 2 will air on May 29 on ABC network.


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