The smashing Hulk, the witty billionaire ironman, the serious captain America, the god thor, the gutsy black widow, the spontaneous clint and so on, the team of avengers just gets bigger with every installment of Marvel movie. Age of Ultron did amazingly well and since its release talks about Infinity war Part I has increased. Fans have been desperately awaiting the release of a teaser, motion poster or a trailer of the movie in order to satisfy their curiosities, but the latest news as leaked from the Marvel world in a cover of comic Civil War II, releases a heartbreaking information that Stark dies in the third installment of Avengers. God no. There are no avengers without an ironman. A defeat of excitement here can be sensed with every word I write.


When the Marvel team was asked about the update, they quoted that Tony is tired of his role now and his contract expires with Avengers Infinity War. Downey has earned a lot from his Iron Man stint and he still remains as the highly paid actors of Hollywood. Forbes listed his earnings around $ 33 million from his role as Iron man only.

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Seems like Marvel team has its lip sealed for any sort of cast updates as well. Many of the actors are only rumored to join the avengers’ team. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely will be doing the scripting part and directors Joe and Anthony Russo will be continuing their part. So far, the shooting schedule of Avengers 3 hasn’t come on papers and neither of the actors have confirmed any tentative dates. But the most depressing part for today remains the fate of Ironman in the blockbuster series. We still hope things be turned in fans favor.


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