“Attack on Titan” Season 3 is expected to premiere sometime next year. However, the speculations are already adrift with the fans eagerly discussing the next battle and the fate of the Titans. Check out more in detail!

The previous season of the anime show surprised the fans after revealing some secrets and also introducing new characters. “Attack on Titan” Season 2 came on the small screen after a long hiatus and pleased the fans with new revelations. The upcoming season is expected to surprise its audience with some major twists and bloody battles.

‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3 To Focus on Zeke Yeager’s Character

Recently the series director, Tetsuro Araki teased that the person who was shown wearing glasses during the finale of the second season would be the one to play a key role in the third season, reports Blasting News.

Attack On Titan Season 3
Attack On Titan Season 3

Fans who keenly watched the last season are well aware that the person wearing the glasses is none other than the Beast Titan who is seen looking over the Paradis’ wall. This mysterious person is Zeke Yeager who happens to be the half-brother of Eren. Both Zeke and Eren have been fathered by Grisha Yeager.

“Attack on Titan” Season 3 will reveal the identity of Zeke as the inhabitant of the island country of Marley. It is a place where humans live freely and their war leader is a Shifter who is also the best soldier of the island.

The country’s troop is hunting for a tool called “Coordinate” and Zeke is leading the hunt. The “Coordinate” is an ancient weapon that has the power to control the Titan population when it was under the control of Paradis’

Eren And Coordinate Connection

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The source says that Eren is the tool that Zeke and the group are looking for in “Attack on Titan” Season 3. It will eventually lead to new circumstances, violence and bloody battle in which Eren and Zeke will come face-to-face.