“Attack On Titan” Season 3 spoilers indicate that the identity of Beast Titan will be revealed in the upcoming season. Beast Titan’s character was introduced in the last season and shocked as well as bewildered the fans when the monster was responsible for some of the most gruesome deaths. Also, the recent hints suggest deaths of some major characters. Check out in detail!

Beast Titan To Play Key Role In ‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3

According to Inverse, the teaser released at the end of the “Attack On Titan” Season 2 indicates that Beast Titan will play a much more prominent role in the next season. The details about this identity are already available in the manga script that says that the Beast Titan is the older half-brother of Eren and his name is Zeke Yeager.

Zeke and Eren have the same father, Grisha. The first wife of Grisha is none other than the “Smiling Titan” who was shown in the finale of the second season trying to devour the mother of Eren. Her name is Dina Fritz who is the mother of Zeke and whom Eren destroyed using the coordinate.

Attack On Titan Season 3
Attack On Titan Season 3

Incidentally, Eren and Zeke are the only direct descendants of the great and original Ymir. He is the big Titan who first discovered the strength of Titans hundreds of years ago.

‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3 May Have Major Deaths

According to Blasting News, the director of the upcoming season titled, “Shingeki No Kyojin” recently teased deaths of some important anime characters. The official Twitter account of the anime series has already announced that season 3 will come on air in 2018.

The official announcement was followed by a clip that revealed “behold the sea” hints indicating that bloodshed and violence will be at its prime in the next season. Incidentally, the man with glasses who made his entry in the last season seems to be none other than the Beast Titan. So, the “Attack on Titan” Season 3” is surely going to focus on Eren’s sibling Zeke aka Beast Titan.


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