‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3 Release Date and Spoilers: To Arrive in Spring 2018, Focuses on Uprising Arc

Attack on Titan season 2 concluded last month, on June 17, 2017, and fans of the critically acclaimed anime series have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive since then. At the end of the finale episode of Attack on Titan season 2, it was announced that season 3 will happen and will arrive sometime in 2018. Fans started thinking that they might get to see it in late 2018 since the second season arrived after a really long delay. However, it now seems that we might get to see it sooner than expected.

Attack On Titan Season 3 To Arrive In Spring 2018 

Attack on Titan season 3 was confirmed to air sometime in 2018. However, no specific release date was provided for it. But now, during the Anime Expo 2017, it was revealed that Attack on Titan season 3 will arrive in Spring 2018. So instead of Summer or Fall, fans will get to see new episodes of Attack on Titan in Spring, which is way sooner than what everyone expected. However, a delay can happen if the studio faces any problems. Season 2 arrived four years after season 1 ended. This happened because Wit Studio was focusing more on other projects such as The Ancient Magnus Bride.

Attack on Titan Season 2

Attack On Titan Season 3 To Feature The Uprising Arc 

The previous season of Attack on Titan revealed some really interesting stuff. Although it consisted of only 12 episodes, but it still left fans speechless. It revealed the truth about Titan shifters, and how they managed to blend themselves with mankind. Along with this, at the end of season 2, Eren’s new ability, Coordinate was revealed. Judging from the progress of manga, the next season is going to focus on the Uprising arc. The arc is said to focus on the truth behind the Titans and the secrets of the Royal Family. Both of these things link with each other as avid fans of the series know that the Royal Family knows how the Titans came into being. Because of this, Christa is said to play a really important role in the upcoming season.

Attack On Titan Season 3 Release Date 

Attack on Titan season 3 is currently scheduled to arrive in Spring 2018. Fans are currently wondering how much episodes the next season is going to feature. As the previous season was a huge success, Wit Studio might even consider making it a 22 episodes long season. There are currently many rumors claiming that the third season will feature 25 episodes, and we hope they turn out to be true.

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