Fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season of Attack on Titan to arrive, and many rumors regarding what will happen in the next season of this critically acclaimed anime series have surfaced. The previous season gave birth to a lot of questions, and one of them is what exactly is hidden in the basement of Dr. Yeager, who is Eren Yeager’s father.

Eren Holds The Key To The Secret

As we all know, after Dr. Yeager died, he gave the key to his basement to his son. However, at that time, Eren didn’t know that there was a big secret buried inside the basement, so he left off to join the military force, Survey Corps. At later stages, Eren found out that there is indeed something hidden inside his basement, but the latter is yet to find out what it actually is.

Now, in Attack on Titan season 2, rumor is that Eren will visit his basement to check out what the fuss is all about. He will be most probably get surprised after seeing what it is. Speculations are that he will also find out about his brother in the basement, and the secret will be behind the picture of his father, his second wife and his brother.

Survey Corps’s Main Goal To Be Revealed 

There is another rumor claiming that the main purpose of the formation of Survey Corps was to discover the secret buried inside the basement of Dr. Yeager. Sources claim that Survey Corps believe that the basement of Dr. Yeager holds the key to the mystery behind the Titans, like how they were formed in the first place, and what happened to the rest of the human population.

Attack On Titan Season 2

However, Eren will find about the goal of Survey Corps before they infiltrate his father’s basement, so he will do almost everything he can to keep the secret hidden. Maybe he will divert their attention to a much more serious matter, through which he will buy the time to discover the secret for himself and to move it away to a different place. Eren is also known for fighting his team members, so it won’t be a big problem for him.

Along with this, the daughter of Rod Reiss, Krista is also expected to join Survey Corps soon. Rumor is that Eren and Mikasa will soon find out that her father is a confirmed Titan Shifter. However, we don’t know whether he is a friendly one like Eren or not. With Eren and Rod being Titan Shifters, who knows that both of them might clash with each other at later stages. So the inside of the walls might not be safe after all.

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