Attack on Titan Season 2 is currently under development and some new spoilers regarding it have surfaced. Parent Herald reports that the next season will not continue with the story of Season 1. Instead, it will have a brand new story line and will feature new and powerful characters. Hajime Isayama is planning to introduce new Titans for killing humans.

Attack On Titan Season 2

This kind of confirms that Attack on Titan Season 2 will feature a brand new story line. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t have any connections with the previous season. Some spoilers indicate that it will have some links with Season 1. If this turns out to be true, fans can expect to see major surprises in Attack of Titan Season 2. A brand new story line won’t be any good if it doesn’t links with some parts of Season 1.

Attack on Titan Two New Titans Revealed

Attack on Titan Season 2 will also feature two new Titans, which will be a big surprise for Mikasa, Eren, and other friends. One of the two new Titans is Zeke. Zeke is a highly intelligent Titan who will behave in a way different manner with Eren when he will be in his Titan form. This is because he won’t lose consciousness even when he is creating havoc.

Attack On Titan Season 2

The second new Titan Attack on Titan Season 2 will feature is an Ape-like Titan. This Titan isn’t that powerful as compared to other Titans, but is very fast. Rumors are that this Titan might bring death to Survey Corp and will create a lot of disturbance in Attack on Titan Season 2. So fans definitely have something to look forward to.

Attack On Titan Season 2

Attack on Titan Season 2 will also focus on the relationship between Armin and Mikasa. It is reported that the two will most likely become friends and will take their friendship even further. However, Eren will be upset because of this situation as he considers himself the one for Miaksa. So Armin and Mikasa’s friendship will definitely turn the tides and will create a problem in the community.


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