Attack on Titan Season 3 has been renewed. The new season is likely to bring new twists and revelations. Read to know more.

The finale of Season 2 aka Episode 37 has wrapped up on a sad note. Character Hannes, who is a father like a figure to Eren and Mikasa passed away when the Smiling Titan ate him. Hannes after learning that Eren and Mikasa are in danger of being eaten by the Smiling Titan runs in their direction and battles the Titan. But unfortunately, Eren and Mikasa just watch the whole drama from the sideways as it unfolds right in front of their eyes.

Eren, irritated with his inability to protect Hannes starts biting his palms. But finally, he gets some new form of energy which pushes the Smiling Titan behind. It also brings the other Titans who later attack the Smiling Titan and eat it mercilessly. There is bloodshed everywhere and Mikasa is able to calm down Eren after Hannes death.

Attack on Titan
Photo Credit: Facebook/Attack On Titan

The death of Hannes was not anticipated in the Attack On Titan Season 2 finale. But after the incident took place, fans are speculating what is coming up in the Season 3. Perhaps the back story of Eren and some details of his family might be focussed in the next season.

Meanwhile, a preview of Attack on Titan Season 3 has been dropped. But it does not tease any major spoiler. This new season is likely to air in 2018. The confirmed premiere date is not released yet. But looking at the premiere of Season 2 there has been speculations that it might be released in April of next year.

In addition, the creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, has recently just revealed designs for how the hero-Eren- would look if he were a woman, reported The report reveals that the picture is available on Isayama’s blog.


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