3G, 4G, and the obvious next step in internet connectivity is 5G. Well, in case you don’t know, Verizon has already started testing 5G in New Jersey and will roll out 5G services soon in select circles. Well, AT&T would obviously not want to stay behind in this race, and new reports suggest that the carrier will work with Ericsson and Intel and will start testing 5G in the next quarter.

at&t 5g testing

It is being said that AT&T’s 5G network will be a 100 times faster than their current 4G network. Up to 20Gbps of speeds are defined as 5G speeds, which is obviously a lot faster than 4G’s 150Mbps. AT&T hopes that it will be able to develop 5G standards by using the test results. 4G is available in quite a few countries now, but US has one of the lowest average of 4G speeds.

But now that major carriers in US are looking forward to 5G network connectivity, more bandwidth will be offered for the development of internet and stuff like the Internet of Things. Also, 4G speeds are quite low in the country due to lower bandwidth, so 5G will solve this problem to a great extent. Sprint and T-Mobile haven’t announced their plans for 5G testing yet, but we will hear an announcement soon.


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