A lot of AT&T customers are using a plan that offers them unlimited data usage. However, some smartphone users still don’t understand the concept of unlimited data. The data pack that they sign up for, in fact, is not literally unlimited and has a usage cap. This is due to the fact that a limited part of the data is available to the user at 4G LTE speeds. Once the high speed limit is surpassed, the subscriber browses the information gateway at Model-T speed (2G). Recently, AT&T was fined a substantial amount owing to this data throttling.

AT&T data limit 22GB 5GB throttleIn a recent announcement, AT&T informed its customers that data throttling may place on unlimited plans after consuming 22GB of data. Previously, just 5GB of usage on unlimited plans would left a customer throttled. This suggests a 340% increase in the data limit.

Usually, for AT&T users, throttling takes place in areas that are ‘congested’. As per the upgraded plan, the carrier decides to send out an alert after 75%of the 22GB (16.5GB) will be used to warn users. So if you want to save your mobile data, always connect to a Wi-Fi network, whether you are home or away. Nowadays, a lot of stores and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi services, so whether you stay back at home or are on an outing, it shouldn’t take much time to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

at&t raises high speed unlimited data cap from 5gb to 22gbHowever, the wider data cap still means that you do not have to be too worried too soon. Based on this super upgrade, you can now stream music while you drive and even stream movies on your phone while you’re at work, without unexpectedly running into the data throttling cap!


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