AT&T never released the Lumia Denim upgrade for Nokia Lumia 830 owners. However, there’s still hope for the customers using this handset; some Lumia 830 users have managed to get access to the upgrade using the Windows Phone Recovery Tool server. The app is used to replace a Windows 10 Mobile preview and restore Windows Phone 8.1.

While restoring Windows Phone 8.1 back on their Lumia 830, few AT&T customers have been able to successfully load the Lumia Denim upgrade on their Windows phone. There’s also murmur that the Denim upgrade may be necessary before Windows 10 Mobile can be installed. If so, AT&T may include the Lumia Denim upgrade within the Windows 10 Mobile OTA bundle that will be given to the Lumia 830 users.

at&t nokia lumia 830 denim updateLumia Denim enables users to activate Cortana hands-free by saying ‘Hey Cortana’. The upgrade also brings folders to the Start screen and adds customized snooze times for alarms. Lumia Camera 5 is also included in the upgrade, allowing the camera app to open quicker.

In case you can not wait for the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, you can attempt to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to load Lumia Denim on your AT&T Nokia Lumia 830. To begin, go here.


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