Update: Images have been removed on the request received from certification body of Taiwan.

A few days ago, reports emerged that Asus will soon be launching ZenWatch 3. We have some information about the upcoming smartwatch thanks to some leaked design images as the watch was getting certifications.

The images are crystal clear about one thing; the ZenWatch 3 will have a circular design and will be black in colour, more like the Moto 360. The ZenWatch 2 adopted a rectangular design.

However, Asus was not keen to adopt a Docking charge station as seen in the Moto 360. Instead, the smartwatch will charge via a magnetic ring that users will attach to the back of the watch. The device charging is pretty impressive, 5V/2A.

The smartwatch comes with Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth 4.2. But Asus, apparently, missed the mark by leaving out cellular connectivity.

The ZenWatch 3 casing is the most impressive aspect. The case is shiny black, finished with a gold trim and a satin sheen. The images show that the bands will be leather, but given the history of the predecessors, more band and straps options will be available.

Asus has not said a word about the release or the announcement of the smartwatch, according to Slash Gear. However, considering that the watch already has FCC approval among other approvals, it will launch soon.

We will keep you updated as we gather additional information.

Is the new design up to standards, or was the ZenWatch 2 design better? What do you think? Drop your opinion in the comments box.