AMD’s Financial Analyst Day gave us glimpses into the company’s plans for the year ahead. The event gave investors and AMD tech enthusiasts a comprehensive view of where AMD is headed to. Specifically, AMD is looking at re-claiming the market share it has lost in Desktop and Mobile space. And with that aim, AMD made some promising claims about the future of its APUs. Looks like the promise has just been delivered – in the form of ASUS Gaming Laptop.

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ASUS teases thin Ryzen Gaming laptop

AMD claims its future APU performance will be spectacular – 50% more CPU performance, 40% more GPU performance and a 50% reduction in power consumption. With increased efficiency and performance per watt contributed by Vega GPU architecture, improvements brought in by 14nm technology and better CPU efficiency, there’s no reason why ASUS wouldn’t go with Ryzen APUs.

Soon after Jim Anderson announced that AMD will be introducing high-performance Ryzen APUs for the premium mobile market, ASUS has come out with a teaser for its first gaming laptop powered by Ryzen. Of course, the teaser doesn’t reveal all the details but with the hashtag #Computex2017, it does throw some light on what can be expected. Ryzen APUs are expected to make an appearance in late 2017. But with ASUS new teaser already out, it looks like we may not have to wait that long. ASUS is building its most trusted and most premium Republic of Gamers brand of laptops with AMD’s Ryzen APU. And that in itself is an indication of the potential AMD’s upcoming APUs have in store for the gaming world.

amd ryzen 5 specs

In related news, AMD is probably considering reducing the Average Selling Price (ASP) of some of its flagship products, including Naples. Large MCM processors like Naples and EPYC are likely to be priced much lower than expected, owing to high yields. The yields for AMD Ryzen look very promising – over 80%. And yield has a direct impact on the pricing of a chip. Yields above 80% are usually regarded as exceptional and excellent, but not unexpected. Fabrication processes and technologies have advanced to such an extent today that the manufacturing defects that creep in have significantly reduced. Going by AMD’s history, the company will in all probability reduce the ASP of its products, since doing so will let AMD gain a strategic pricing advantage over competing Intel chips.

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