There are plethora of launchers available in Google Play Store right now and some offers unique features that stand out from others and many offer the same features as others. Asus is very well known for affordable devices and their devices runs of Zen UI which boast of the company’s own launcher namely Asus Launcher and they released it for public on Google Play Store.


Asus, today updated their launcher publicly to version which don’t add features heavily but fixed some critical bugs which caused issues on some devices. That said, this update is specially meant for some devices which are effected by these bugs.

Furthermore, the update is a beta update which barely fixes numerous bugs as the beta updates are always meant for the public testing purpose. The last stable update released by Asus was back on May 20. Since then, the company released four beta updates which include a new application icon as well.

That being said and done, if you are using the Asus Launcher, you won’t be able to receive the update as it is only meant to beta testers. But, you can APK Download the app from or as they service the official signed APK’s released by the company.


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