ASUS on Wednesday announced two new graphics cards in the GeForce family.

The first of these cards is the GeForce GTX 1080 11Gbps Edition powered by the GP104 GPU. This particular model comes with a faster memory compared to the existing GTX 1080 SKUs — 11Gbps instead of the standard 10Gbps.

In addition to that, we also have a fourth STRIX GTX 1080 from the company. This model comes equipped with triple-fan DirectCU III cooling solution flaunting a two-slot design. As for the circuit design, we have an 8+2 phase power delivery alongside 6+8 pin connectors.

ASUS GTX 1080 11Gbps

While we are still waiting for a confirmation on the clock speeds, it’s likely that the numbers will be leaked real soon ahead of the official launch in mid-April.

 ASUS GTX 1080 8GB 11Gbps STRIX OC specs

GPU :GP104GPU Base Clock :TBD
Cores :2560GPU Boost Clock :TBD
TMUs :160Memory Clock :11008 MHz
ROPs :64Memory :8 GB GDDR5X 256b


The second model, meanwhile, comes with DirectCU II cooling solution that resembles some STRIX models, barring the fact that this card does not actually belong to the STRIX family.

Based on GTX 1060 6GB 9Gbps edition, the card boasts a 1000MHz faster frequency compared to the older SKU. This new model will lock horns with the Radeon RX 580, expected to launch around the same time in another two weeks or so. Unfortunately, we are totally blank on the clock speeds at this juncture.

ASUS GTX 1060 6GB 9Gbps OC specs

GPU :GP106GPU Base Clock :TBD
Cores :1280GPU Boost Clock :TBD
TMUs :80Memory Clock :9000 MHz
ROPs :48Memory :6 GB GDDR5 192b


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