Ashes of the Singularity has become one of the first titles to have an AMD Ryzen-optimized build to ensure that gamers who recently switched to a Ryzen chip are able to make the most out of the new AMD beasts.

Based on the data we have so far, it looks like the move is indeed a big success as it leads to an impressive gain in gaming performance.

According to reports, the new Ashes of the Singularity build pulls off a double-digit frame rate growth by making use of the newly Ryzen-optimized code. The results of the publications varied as one would expect. However, the range has consistently remained at 16% – 28%. Of course, that’s depending on what configuration and preset you are using.

Just to put things into perspective, here are the benchmarks posted by TomsHardware that will hopefully help you gain the whole picture moving forward:

Ashes of the Singularity AMD Ryzen benchmark comparison
Benchmark by: TomsHardware

This raises some serious questions, though. For example, if optimization is a necessity on a title to extract the same level of performance out of Ryzen as Intel processors normally deliver, it means that the underlying problem has not been addressed yet. What we essentially have here is things being worked around.

That, in turn, will give rise to speculations that said problem is not something that can be fixed with a software patch. Rather, it has something to do with the way AMD implemented SMT in the new architecture.

However, given the complicated nature of the problem, it goes without saying that small time or indie developers are extremely unlikely to spend resources on optimizing their codes for the new AMD chips. That should be a valid enough reason for Intel to go on for sometimes without being compelled to slash prices even further.

However, with all factors taken into account, we can expect that gaming prowess of AMD Ryzen will eventually gain some kind of parity with their Intel counterparts as the industry gradually becomes more accommodating of the Zen architecture.


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