Life of Oliver Queen is never smooth, never easy, never stable and in an odd way, we all love to watch him fight the enemies with composure and dignity intact. Arrow has seen an awesome response from the audience all over the world and since it’s past 4 seasons, a continuous jiggle of lives and an interesting flashback of Oliver Queen’s life from the island.


Well, today it’s not all about Oliver Queen, Talia Al Ghul who has played a complicated part in the series has stayed on and off during her tenure. Yes, she has played an important part in places and which is why the production team has decided to bring her back in the season 5. Actress Lexi Doig who is of Continuum fame has been roped in for the role. Having a Ghul in her name suggests that she has a long history hidden in her surname. One of the comic book’s plot suggests that she is the daughter of Batman’s long gone enemy and since we mentioned Batman, rumours also claim that he will be entering the Arrow for a small cameo.

Arrow has been interesting due to plenty of reasons lately, with Supergirl and Flash already making unannounced entries and now Batman, the show has become a lot more crazy than before. Speaking of Talia, she would be shown growing closer to Batman in spite of her enmity with him. They also have a love child named Damian Wayne. Dark knight rises, released in 2012 depicted her in a major role which was played by Marion Cotillard. As quoted once, Love knows no bounds, here’s a proof.

Well, we cannot wait to see an intriguing crossover of Batman and Talia Al Ghul as things can be “awkward”.


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