In Arrow Season 5 Episode 9 What We Leave Behind, Laurel appears in the bunker after Ollie came back from a romantic evening with Susan Williams. The viewers only got to see Oliver’s reaction before the new episode ended, without actually revealing anything more about the Black Canary’s appearance. However, the new promo released exclusively on the CW app throws some more light on whether the Laurel that was shown in the previous episode was actually real.


“Obviously people don’t just come back from the dead, so there has to be some sort of vetting process to make sure that it is Laurel because the group has seen some peculiar things,” Amell had said, talking about Laurel’s resurrection. ¬†While Oliver may very well think it’s Earth-1 Laurel, the new version isn’t necessarily up-to-date with the new recruits or Prometheus. Could it mean Flashpoint or the Lazarus Pit has something to do with Laurel’s resurrection?

Talia Al Ghul’s Appearance In S05E10 Suspicious

Oliver had made a reference to the woman from Russia in Episode 9. The appearance of Talia Al Ghul in episode 10 is quite suspicious. It’s unclear whether Talia is part of the flashback or the current day. Meanwhile, Dig has confirmed that Oliver was trained by the same person as Prometheus. Could Talia be the woman who trained Oliver and Prometheus in Russia? It remains to be seen if Talia’s appearance and her connection to the League of Assasins is just a co-incidence.

Amell continues to add –¬†“I will say that forgetting about the show for a second if you look at the canon of Green Arrow, John Diggle wasn’t a character and he’s indispensable. Felicity Smoak wasn’t really a character and she’s indispensable. So we picked and plucked from various parts of the DC Universe, but if you’re just getting into the canon of Green Arrow the comic book character, the Black Canary is easily the most important feature next to the Green Arrow, period, full-stop, forever. So it would be nice to have the Black Canary back.”

The truth will only be revealed on Jan 25, when Arrow Season 5 returns with Episode 10.


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