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After Episode 9, Arrow series has begun to get all the more interesting. Arrow Season 5 Episode 9 What We Leave Behind ends with Laurel appearing in the bunker after Ollie is back from a romantic evening with Susan Williams. The viewers only got to see Oliver’s reaction before the new episode ended, without actually revealing anything more about Black Canary’s appearance. Is she real? Or is her appearance only a figment of Oliver Queen’s imagination?

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Crazy Reddit Theory Explains It All

The last scene in Episode 9 has sent all Arrow fans into a state of frenzy, speculating whether Laurel Lance is back for real or not. Fans have more or less explored all possible explanations for her resurrection – Damien Darhk changing history, the Lazarus Pit, White Canary saving Black Canary and more. But the latest “weird, crazy theory” from one of the Reddit users has caught everybody’s attention. The user YonkouProductions claims to have seen the complete episode and posted the summary of the episode. Is this authentic and true? Well, there’s no way we can confirm or deny the authenticity but in all probability, the post is true, given that the same user has revealed several spoilers that have turned out to be true. So, without further ado, we reproduce here the post on reddit –

“Here’s my summary for the upcoming episode of Arrow. Do note that it doesn’t air until next month so if you can’t wait until then and then some you can leave this thread.

The episode opens where we left off last time with Laurel appearing. Oliver says he saw her die but she says that she was saved. She saw a white light and then an ‘angel’ appeared, but it wasn’t an angel it was her sister. It was her sister Sara. They teleported Laurel to the Waverider where they had a technology to fix her embolism. They retort saying there was no white light and she didn’t go anywhere but Laurel says thats because it ‘hadn’t been done yet’. Laurel asked the legends to bring her to Oliver’s present time. Sara had given her a second chance.

Felicity appears and she’s like oMG a miracle, and stuff then Laurel rehashes the above and Felicity says that she thought that Sara and the Legends were against messing with history since it would cause an aberration. Sara said that they had figured out a way to do so without causing one. The team question the fact that she was dropped off nine months later but its just put down to time travel shenanigans.

Laurel asks about what has happened during the time she was gone and she receives the 411 about Quentin’s drinking and the Donna situation. Since Laurel has a lot of catching up to do they decide to host a party, lol. Laurel says she wants to see Thea and Diggle again (lol)

We get a conversation between Diggle and Oliver who is informed about Laurel coming back and he wants to face the charges head on and Oliver says he knows a lawyer (Matt Murdock lol).

We flashback to the past, Oliver says he tried to blow up Kovars casino but the Pakhan accused of not doing it for the Bratva but for some woman. The Pakhan says that the deal he made with Kovar betrays the Bratva as does his vandetta. Kovar was a government agent and he informed the Pakhan of Oliver’s intentions. Pakhan says he’ll beat obedience into Oliver.

Onto the present we get more of the Laurel is back hype and then some reflection at how the year its weird to be partying with the burial of Detective Malone still being prepared, the fact that its been horrible with the betrayal of Evelyn and also Prometheus still being out there and how they should be doing more to find him. Oliver says that last year he wished that the dark times didn’t only bring them together and this year they’re lucky because the miracles did. Laurel was a miracle and a second chance, which we all must remember.

Moving onto Felicity, Rory goes past her and she’s late in the bunker and she’s asked what she’s doing which she says its her ‘Q-Mail, Snapbook, FaceChat’ thing, but yeah she’s actually running a DNA analysis on Laurel’s DNA she took from the party. The DNA matches so no dice for an evil twin or a shape shift…

Elsewhere Earth-2 Laurel appears and it turns out E-2 Laurel was playing E-1 Laurel. Black Siren was freed by Prometheus and they vow to lock her up once more.

Finally. It’s about time someone figured it out. You know, I am so sick and tired of playing this weak, vulnerable Laurel. She’s such a pill, it’s pathetic.

Oliver goes to the District Attorney Adrian Chase who he requests to take Diggle’s case. Chase doesn’t see how a city prosecutor could go on and take on the case when he’s not a military defense attorney to which Oliver replies he needs someone outside of the military infrastructure. Oliver vouches for Diggle and Chase thinks that even a judge won’t approve it and then he asks about the circumstances regarding Malone’s death. Chase tells Oliver that Malone was set up to be Prometheus and it appears that the Arrow killed Malone, he told the officers on the scene not to say anything and during that time he’s gonna keep things quiet.

Moving on, Oliver gets a call and it’s Black Siren so Oliver tells her not to say that name. Siren says that Prometheus forced her into attacking them and she asks for their help. Oliver and Siren agree to meet at the Black Canary statue.

They meet up and Oliver instructs the dudes to attack Siren if she appears suspicious or about to betray Oliver. Siren tells Oliver that Prometheus threatened her and that she had no choice to which Oliver retorts that S.T.A.R Labs said she went willingly without any resistance. She says she can help track him down for them. Rory tries to make a move on her to the irritation of Oliver. They remind him that she’s not our Laurel and he shouldn’t play himself.

E-2 Laurel gets locked up and explains how after E-2 Oliver died she moved to Central City for a fresh start and ended up in a parallel world telling that story to the doppelganger of the man who died 10 years ago.

Oliver says he will keep her safe just as she tells him everything about Prometheus. She inquires why he would do that and he says that someone once told him that a circumstance could make something poison or nectar which meant that we get to choose what we are and we get to choose who we are so, “Who are You?”

Rene catches up with Curtis who’s bitching about all the shit he’s been through and how it cost him his blood, sweat and his Paul who had decided to leave him.

Oliver asks Felicity about E-2 Laurel and she says that she’s not the same as her and that despite not understanding parallel worlds understanding how circumstances can impact a person and understanding those differences can help reach out to E-2 Laurel.

We get an interaction between Adrian Chase and Diggle who has decided he will represent him as his attorney.

Felicity and Siren have an interaction and she explains to her how he feels guilty about her death and how he sees a chance at redemption in her. Felicity lets Siren escape and puts tracking nanites in her water to keep tabs on her. This alarms the team and their all move in on the next plan to track Siren.

Flashback to Kovar and we get an explanation about the poison and nectar thing from Ishmael Gregor who threatens Oliver for his obedience once more.

Moving to more Diggle matter, Chase denies the military the chance to transfer Diggle without the necessary paperwork associated. The transfer is expected within 24hrs.

Returning to the Siren situation the nanites are live and tracking her, they decide to suit up and go after E-2 Laurel. There’s a psuedo battle and a choice between Oliver and Laurel you know “If you kill Felicity then you’re killing the part of yourself that existed before you lost your family.” Oliver tells Siren, “If you end this now then we can find that person again together.” Despite this Siren gets captured and sent off. Prometheus escapes from the scene.

Moving forward more legal drama with Diggle’s case.

Siren is on her way to Central City to go into secure lockup at ARGUS. Oliver says he’s keeping her close because if there’s anything of Laurel left in her then he’s gonna find it.

Scene changes, with multiple gunfire and screams.

Hello Mr. Queen…My Name is Talia, I’ve been looking for you.

Scene change, Oliver is lamenting over the fact that he hasn’t kept his promise to Laurel and that he’s gonna find someone worthy of carrying on her legacy.

Scene change: Couple of dudes are drinking and a woman asks a guy if he want another round but the guy says he wants a piece of that. She says they’re cliche asf and trying to over compensate for their lack of manhood on a ‘defenseless woman’.

“What are you gonna do about it”

Sonic Scream


There you go! The complete episode 10 of Arrow Season 5! Confused? Let’s capture the main stuff –

Black Canary saved by White Canary

When Damien Darhk killed Laurel, Black Canary saw a while light  – her sister White Canary. Laurel was then saved by Gideon after she was taken back to Waverider.

Sonic Scream

There’s some confusion here. The post talks about both Earth-1 Laurel and Earth-2 laurel. So, is the one in the bunker Earth-1 Laurel? The post attempts to connect the logic by explaining about Felicity taking Laurel’s DNA, the result of which matches with Earth-1 Laurel. Expect the sonic scream to come at the tail end of the episode. Since Black Siren is locked away, the scream could be from Earth-1 Laurel. Or is the scream from an altogether new character named Tina?

The post still leaves some questions unanswered. Maybe that’s what the next episode in the series will attempt to answer. The next episode airs on 25th January 2017. What are your thoughts about this crazy Reddit theory about Laurel’s resurrection?


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