In a big leap forward for the company and the realm of multi-purpose computing as a whole, the UK-based chip maker ARM has announced DynamicIQ that will pave the way for performance architecture across different platforms to unify. Without delving into the technical nitty gritty, it suffices to say that the new technology will enact a platform with the ability to operate across the company’s individual platforms for AI, cloud computing, smartphones, as well as automobiles.

As you know, the advent of 10nm has already shifted the focus for mobile processors. The emerging priority is now on power efficiency rather than the good old trend of favoring top frequencies. This is what ARM had in mind while designing DynamicIQ.

What this means is that now we can see up to eight cores in a single cluster. big.LITTLE will also evolve from 4×4 to 1×7, 2×5, as well as others based on needs. This will essentially mitigate the requirement for the LITTLE cluster completely, making it more convenient to ensure high performance for the right applications.

arm dynamicIQ

ARM is hopeful that DynamicIQ will present an almost unlimited scope for future designs. Even better is the fact that the technology has the capacity to integrate both low and high-performance cores in a single core. Therefore, unlike the existing technologies that limit processors to a clustered performance, now A53 and A72 cores can co-exist within a single cluster with shared memory. Needless to say, this could bring in revolutionary changes to the world of cloud computing and networking

In addition, it will separate performances into clusters — something that will encompass a wide range of device and technologies including smartphones and Artificial Intelligence.


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