Ark: Survival Evolved, last year’s sleeper hit that’s still in the Early Access brings some exciting new stuff in its latest Xbox One Update. The biggest additions are split-screen multiplayer and a completely new dinosaur.

ark survival

Split screen multiplayer will allow you to play with a friend, both offline and online, later being enabled only on non-dedicated servers, with split-screen multiplayer being a timed exclusive for Xbox One. PC players should get this feature at a later stage. Aside from that, a new dinosaur named Dimetrodon who has a sail on his back and is able to shelter players from excessive heat and extreme cold. Another new dinosaur called Gallimimus is also a part of the update. It’s a three-seater that is bad at defending himself but can run pretty fast.

New items that are added include SWAT style armor, Electric Prod, and beer barrels. You’ll be able to brew stat-enhancing beers but when they wear of be ready for a hangover, just like in real life. Check the full list of updates below:

•    Gallimimus, a three-seater dinosaur that can’t defend itself, instead running at high speeds
•    The carnivorous Dimetrodon which can shelter players from excessive heat and extreme cold with the sail running down its back
•    Dung beetle that eats useless waste and uses it to produce burnable oil
•    SWAT-style Assault Armor tier
•    Electric Prod stunner weapon
•    Greenhouse/Glass structure tileset
•    Underwater loot crates
•    Craftable beer kegs
•    Bug fixes, performance update (~15%), fixed memory leak
•    Non-dedicated servers now support up to eight survivors and 33% larger tether distance

Ark: Survival evolved was (and still is) a huge hit of the Steam’s Early Access program, it’s currently available for PC and Xbox One, with a scheduled PS 4 release sometime during this summer.


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