You need a pretty beastly computer to run Ark Survival Evolved. Of course, optimizations have gotten better since a year ago. But the game will leave alpha stage very soon. The initial release date was the 16th December. But it got pushed back. Not sure to when, though.

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Should you dive into Ark Survival Evolved?

We’d say you need a GTX 970 and higher to run Ark Survival Evolved well. There are a few tricks you can do to easily get 60+ fps. But it will remove a lot of shaders effects and grass. Though because of that you will be able to play with high resolution. And the game looks a lot better with high frame rates, and high resolution, and no shaders and grass. Compared to decent frame rates, and shaders and grass, and low resolution. You can play the game with max resolution scale, at 1440p with a GTX 1070, without shaders and grass. Getting 60 – 80 fps.

How is Ark Survival Evolved’s gameplay?

Now from a gameplay point of view. It’s great if you like grinding and surviving. Before, the official servers used to take forever to get stuff done. But now everything is x2 faster. And just recently it was x3.5 faster. Not sure if it will come back. But probably only during holidays. As they did it for Christmas, along with a bunch of other holiday event stuff.

But currently, PvP is kind of out of the question unless you play on an unofficial high gather rate server, with at least 3 other people.
And if you don’t. Then go for PvE.

Basically why PvP doesn’t work, is because you’ll be spending most of your time getting stuff done. Then having it all destroyed, and you got to do it all over again. And then you do that over and over again until you either get lucky that people don’t find you. Or that they show mercy. Both are highly unlikely.

And then, of course, there’s singleplayer, which also has quite a bit better performance. The official servers are also VERY laggy. As in ping lag. A lot of rubber banding.

But personally, we enjoy Ark a lot. If you find a good server with nice people on. You’ll probably enjoy it. We would recommend official server 116 (PvE). That’s the one a lot of players play on. And there are many nice people there.

Also, try not to ask to join someone’s tribe the first thing you do. No one will let you join unless they literally just started out as well. Before you can join anyone’s tribe they need to get to know you a little bit. Same thing goes for asking for help, and resources. Don’t ask for help or resources until you’ve tried getting it yourself a few times and failed horribly.

Source: PCGamer


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