The new Ark Survival Evolved Update v755 rolled in recently with loads of new stuff such as new ATVs, Toilets, Painting and more. The game received all the new material from the latest PC patch that was released a few days back. The new Ark Survival Update landed on Xbox One only and unfortunately, The PS4 update has been delayed. According to latest reports, it’s highly likely that the new update will land on PS4 this next Week.

The new update is now fully available on Xbox One but it’s a lengthy one as compared to the previous updates. It weighs in at 30GB for Xbox One because of some critical optimizations and the restructured data, the Ark Survival Community Manager Jat tweets.

The Ark Survival Evolved update v509 for PlayStation 4 is expected to land on the console on June 12th, 2017. The update was delayed because of some major bugs. The Studio Wildcard is currently reportedly working on the patch V509 to fix the bugs and there are high chances that they will release the update on the date specified.

The latest update brought in the ATVs to console as this is a console specific feature. The ATVs are not available on the general play yet or on PC as well. For the time being, admins of Play-run dedicated servers and all those who’ve been playing the single-player will be able to use the spawn feature to bring in these motorized vehicles into the game.

In addition, the latest Ark Survival Evolved v755 has brought in some other changes as well to the game. These changes include some memory reductions, texture memory, and some mesh optimizations. These changes are bound to make the game more stable.

Furthermore, five new Dions are also introduced in the game with the latest Patch v755. The newly added dinos are Hyaenodon, Hesperonis, Megatherium, Megalania, and Yutryrannus.

In addition to all the new content that has been introduced in the game, the game now offers a new weapon as well. Players can now use a new Harpoon Gun while exploring the game world underwater. Additionally, the existing Ballista Bolts have been replaced with the new Spear Bolts. Players can load the new Spear bolts in both Harpoon and Ballista Guns. Players can now also craft the Tranq Spear Bolts as well to tame the underwater beasts.

A part of the new update v755, a new water vehicle is also added to the game. Fans have long requested to update the existing raft and it seems that their requests have finally been accepted. Players can now enjoy riding the Motorboat that’s powered by Gasoline. It’s fast, durable, and easy to steer.

NBew Toilets are also added to the game with restructured poop mechanism as poop is one of the central components of the game. To make fertilizer for crops or to kill enemy players and highly embarrass them. etc.

A lot of Primitive changes have also been introduced into the game with the latest update v755. To check out the full list of changes and the Patch Notes visit the official website.


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