Ark Survival Evolved DLC will be arriving even when the game is still in early access and facing a lot of issues. Just recently in April this year the company Studio Wildcard settled a lawsuit with Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy. The non-compete law suit alleged that Studio Wildcard creative director Jeremy Stieglitz worked on Ark Survival Evolved during his time at Trendy.

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Ark Survival Evolved DLC is probably Studio Wildcard’s attempt at making up for money lost during lawsuit

Fans took to Reddit to express their rage for Studio Wildcard’s attempt at paid DLC while the game is still incomplete. Many claim that the company might be trying to refill its coffers after settling a 600 million dollar lawsuit for 40 million dollars this April. Others were angry that Ark Survival Evolved DLC will let some players get an undue advantage over those who don’t buy the new DLC.

“I’ve sunk more then 1,000 hours into the game and was on their side when I heard about the lawsuit. if they’d have asked for donations I would have happily given them about $20. but this DLC was unannounced, unwanted, and contains things that where promised for the base game. Someone can now just drag their 120+ overpowered Wyvern through any server they want and demolish it in no time. The people who don’t have the DLC don’t have access to this kind of power. Even the new low tame herbivore that the dossier writer states ‘wouldn’t take it into combat’ wrecks anything smaller then a T-Rex. I’m ashamed and I likely will just abandon the game.”

Ark Survival Evolved DLC comes at a time when the main game still has a lot of bugs and glitches. Some players report getting stuck in terrain and their dinosaur getting stuck as well. Many players wished Ark Survival Evolved could come out of early access and the developer could simply continue updating the game from then on instead of hiding behind the “early access” label. Some have accused Studio Wildcard of using the “Sean Murray” approach to marketing their game.

Have you tried the new Ark Evolved DLC yet? Did you like the new features added to the game via DLC? Let us know in the comments.


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