The Apple vs. Android war seems never-ending, with Apple boasting of millions of sales figures every year. However, a recent market research data suggests otherwise.

iphone 6

According to a research data given out by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech for a period of three months (August to October 2015), Apple has lost a significant percent of the US market share to Android. Talking about the Europe market, Apple has been losing its traction in the European market too.

Statistics say that the Cupertino giant’s market share in the US came down to 33.6% from 41.5% in the same period of the previous year. Meanwhile, Android’s market share has risen to 63.8% from 53.8%.

So the overall situation is cleared by the numbers, and we can say that Apple is losing its hold over the US and Europe market to Android. But the data might also suggest opposite possibilities. For instance, the iPhone 6s stands third in Q3 2015’s highest-selling phones, which gives Apple a quarter-over-quarter growth for that period.

However, the year-end shopping frenzy has already started and things could heavily change for Apple. iOS might just overtake Android this Christmas season, so the final data for the year or for Q1 2016 is eagerly awaited.