Reports have been flooding in on whether Apple should help the FBI hack the iPhone. FBI had earlier asked Apple to help them hack the phone of the San Bernardino attacker. Apple refused to do this and gave them all the information on their servers as well as records. FBI wanted Apple to load a custom software that would allow an unlimited number of passcode entries, but Apple felt that this would lead to the creation of a backdoor. Mark Zuckerberg had announced his support for Apple and backed their decision, but Bill Gates supported the FBI. Now a new report has emerged wherein Apple is working on an encryption system that cannot be hacked, even by them.


Even though there are speculations that Apple has started working on this after the FBI’s request, they have confirmed that they had started work on this system even before the San Bernardino attacks. There are no clues whatsoever about how Apple is going to implement the ‘unhackable’ iPhone. But Apple might be probably trying to shut down all the possibilities of entering the passcode infinite number of times, as requested by the FBI.

So how exactly can a custom software be loaded onto the iOS to allow unlimited passcode entries? Each iPhone comes with a troubleshooting mode which is built-in, and it allows for repairing a bricked iPhone and fix software issues with the phone. The FBI wants Apple to use this feature to break into the iPhone and reports suggest that Apple might be trying to shut this feature down to make it impossible to hack into.