Apple iMessage platform is much-awaited by the Android users. So far, there is no news whether it will ever be released for Android devices. However, recently certain rumors have cropped up hinting that the Apple platform might soon be compatible with the Android platform.

New Apple iMessage For Android Mockups Surface Online

The new rumors started surfacing just a few days before the Apple ‘Hello Again’ event. While the October 27 event was expected to focus on MacBook upgrades, there were rumors that Apple might consider to open its messaging service to other OS platforms. Well, the event has passed and we saw nothing about the iMessage for Android.

Recently, John Gruber of Daring Fireball shared few mockup images, which he claimed came directly from Apple. The images show the iMessage on both an iPhone and a Samsung smartphone. The concepts have had varying user interface designs, with some adhering to Android-consistent Material Design, while others replicated iOS on Android. John Gruber cited anonymous sources for the various Android iMessage mockups.

He added that late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs promised back in 2010 that FaceTime video chat would become an open standard, available for other platforms and services. While FaceTime remains Apple-exclusive for a variety of reasons, including engineering concerns, and a patent infringement lawsuit from VirnetX, the iMessage doesn’t need to be platform-exclusive.

As of now, texts from Android users show up in green text bubbles within iMessage. As per the new mockups, iMessage would present blue text bubbles for all. This hints at Android compatibility.

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However, these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt. The rumor about ‘iMessage for Android’ has been going around for a while now. We are yet to see any official development on this front. Earlier, Apple was rumored to announce the Android compatibility at it’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Still, the new mockups are a sign the that the ‘iMessage for Android’ might be a possibility. Last year, the Cupertino tech giant started offering Android compatibility for Apple Music. Hopefully, Apple is planning to expand its reach the Android crowd.


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