A couple of days ago, we told you that Apple is secretly testing new display technology in a lab in Taiwan. Apparently, the Cupertino giant is working on micro-LED displays that do not need backlighting. This means that the iPhones that come with these screens will be lighter and thinner. The displays will offer better picture quality and resolution.

Well, that was yesterday, and a new report brings a new exciting bit about this development. According to the news, Apple is secretly developing a holographic screen for the iPhone. What’s more exciting is that no special glasses will be required to use the display. And what makes this news more interesting is that this holographic display will use the micro-LED screen that Apple is rumored to be working on.

The technology will be driven by a special software and hardware. The holographs will be visible to the naked eye without any special viewing device or glasses. And no, this is not a fantasy from a science fiction movie. Display maker Ostendo had demonstrated a similar concept in 2014 using a micro-LED projector.

Though this is just unofficial news and Apple hasn’t (and will not) revealed anything officially. But anyway, we would love to know how Apple will price an iPhone with a holographic screen.


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