iPad Pro was the centre of a lot of rumors before it was announced back in September this year. However, even after the official unveiling, the rumors did not stop pouring it and Apple fans have got great expectations attached to the premium tablet. Even though we all know that the iPad Pro, just like other Apple products, will be a master piece and a gem of a hardware. However, a new doubt has arisen in this scenario, which directly questions the type of buyers that will spend their hard-earned money on the iPad Pro. This has resulted in the launch quarter sales projections dropping by half.

ipad pro
Apple iPad Pro
Just to give you an idea of the whole situation, the sales projections for the iPad Pro were about 4.5-5 million units within the first quarter on the market. However, after the unveiling of the device, the numbers have dropped and now stand at 2.5 to 3 million unit. Having said that, an estimate by RBC Capital Markets suggests that Apple will make a profit of $200 on every iPad Pro that it sells. RBC expects the Cupertino company to sell around 3 million units of the new iPad, which calculates into $2.4 billion in revenue and $600 million in profit.
Meanwhile, Microsoft had reportedly made $1.1 billion in revenue from its Surface products in the holiday quarter of 2014 (fiscal Q2 as per Microsoft’s calendar). Of course, Apple is expected to generate more sales than this, but the Surface numbers will also surely see a good rise this holiday season.


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