The Apple has unveiled highly anticipated Apple Watch at its keynote event in San Francisco. The Watch will be available in three versions starting from April 24th (Pre-order on April 1) for the minimum $349.


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The least priced version named Apple Watch Sport, which is made of Aluminum and priced from $349 to $399. Next version is Apple Watch, which is made of pure Stainless steel and it ranges between $599 to $1099. Finally, the Apple Watch Edition, which is a premium variant made up of 18K solid gold. The Watch Edition will be available for the price starting from $10,000 in limited stores.

Check out Apple Watch Sport

 Check out Apple Watch Stainless Steel

The Apple Watch is highly user friendly, and allows you to add different watch face as per your preference viz. appointments, universal time, style of clock etc. When a message received on the phone, it alerts the user by tapping his wrist. Importantly, the Watch comes with HQ microphone that allows you to answer you calls right away on the Watch itself.

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Users will also be able to answer calls right from the watch. “I have wanted to do this since I was 5 years old,” said Cook

Just by swiping up from bottom, the watch displays heart rate, weather, and music controls. You will always be in touch with you loved ones, simply tap your watch and your friend is there to feel it. Also, one can draw images on the watch and friends can access it on real time.

Interestingly, the Watch doesn’t let you sit for a longer period, it starts suggesting the activities to do.

The company notes that the Apple Watch battery will continue “all day,” up to 18 hours for many uses. It failed to specify what constituted ordinary use. It charges by means of a unique magnetic adapter that snaps onto the rear of the unit.

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It is how Apple Watch charge

Apps on Apple Watch

During the event, Kevin Lynch, Apple’s VP of technology, presented the depth of the apps that will come with the Watch. The main focus for will be heads up notifications with Peeks as well as a customizable screen designed to always give fast successes of info that is useful. The Apple Watch needs to make things convenient, as well as the uses shown in today’s event point to piece of machine which allows one to retain his mobile in pocket all the time.

Siri will be incorporated to the Apple Watch, although not in her conversational iPhone type. Alternatively, the voice recognition program will likely be used as just that–the Apple Watch will be capable to recognize and transcribe your voice as error-free as your mobile. As no keyboard is found on the Apple Watch it is a requirement. To send messages, wearers will soon have the ability to send voice-ordered text or choose pre recorded texts.

Lynch also gave a demonstration of how Apple Pay will work in the real world. With your credit card pre-loaded, all you have to do is wave your Watch close to a payment terminal enabled for Apple Pay. Once its in range (you won’t have to touch it to anything) the Apple Watch will make beep and quickly vibrate to signal that a payment was made.

Social media will also be connected through your watch. The application Lynch selected to focus on for social media was Instagram though, Twitter has shown for short glances. The closer look revealed quite streamlined experience of the photo-sharing platform, basically only scrollable pictures out of your feed that took up the whole Watch scree, with input to Like an image when you flipped through.

Several programs shown appeared designed for the simplest essentials. The Uber program automatically reveals the wait time for the closest cab and nothing more, compared to the macro view of the mobile application. Once you hold down the face of the watch, a ride is hailed to your place and the driver info and sends it right to the wearer’s place. In addition, it pushes on cab information and the driver name.

The largest hybrid between convenience and efficacy comes in the functions intended for travelers of the Apple Watch. By shoving on Passbook-based flight details when you arrive at an airport it helps the watch to be put to use as a boarding pass mechanically, and does the same with bookings for resorts.