2016 Q4 was a good time for Apple Watch Series 2. With a significant boost in sales for Apple Watch Series 2 towards the end of 2016, the upcoming Watch 2 successor is expected to fare better. Apple Watch 3 productions are already in full swing, with sales expected to commence in September after Autumn launch. Apple gained a significant market share of wearable in the last quarter of 2016, thanks to the decline of Fitbit products.


Apple Watch 3 to sport Micro-LED display instead of OLED?

According to rumors, the upcoming wearable device from the Cupertino company is expected to sport Apple’s own micro-LED display. Several sources are hinting at Apple replacing the OLED display with its own company-developed micro-LED display.

One reason why Apple could be replacing OLED with the micro-LED display is because the micro-LED display will make it possible for Apple devices to sport in-display fingerprint scanning, if combined with infrared diodes. The technology is still in the works, but once Apple gets it working, we may get to see micro-LED display across all other Apple devices. However, given that mass production of mLED displays is still in the works and that Apple is yet to develop a micro-LED display large enough for iPhone, it’s unlikely that iPhone 8 will sport micro-LED display.

apple watch series 2

Micro-LED displays, also known as mLED or μLED, consists of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements. mLED displays offer greater contrast, faster response times and use less energy when compared to LCD technology. Along with OLEDs, mLEDs are primarily aimed at small, low-energy devices like smartwatches and smartphones.

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