The Apple Watch has grown so popular. The number of Apple Watch accessories in the market is ever on the rise. The Apple Watch is perfect but it does not come without a few flaws that may be corrected with the right accessories. Here are some of the best Apple Watch accessories you may need.

Best Apple Watch Accessories

1. X-Doria Defense Edge ($12.95)

apple watch accessories

Protecting your expensive Apple Watch is among your top priorities. The X-Doria Defense Edge is an aluminum case with a soft rubber lining. It snaps into place without much effort from the user. It will protect the watch from heavy impact. X-Doria Defense Edge is available for 38mm as well as 42mm Apple Watch. The case comes with premium machined anodized aluminium exterior. With an easy snap-on design, this is definitely one of the best apple watch accessories out there!

2. Zagg InvisibleShield HD ($10.99)

apple watch accessories

You have bought a screen protector for your iPhone, don’t you think your Watch deserves one too? There is nothing more irritating than scratches on the Watch screen. Next up on our list of best Apple watch accessories is the HD screen protector. Zagg InvisibleShield will keep the screen as good as new. The screen protector does not interfere with the functionality of the touchscreen. It comes in two variants – one for 38mm and the other for 42mm. Both offer military grade protection and advanced clarity.

3. MiTagg Nudock ($179)

The MiTagg Nudock is not just a regular Watch stand. It has a charging port for your iPhone and a lamp. The stand is portable and has a rechargeable battery to power your phone and the lamp. It also has a USB port which can be used to charge another device. The beautifully designed power docking station provides a solid foundation for your iPhone and Apple Watch with an elegant minimalist design featuring a multi-functional smart LED Lamp.

4. Reserve Strap ($170-$250)

apple watch accessories

The Reserve Strap is a third-party Apple Watch strap that prolongs the battery life of the watch. The strap charges the phone through inductive charging. It can prolong the battery life by up to 125%. However, in recent WatchOS releases, Apple made the decision to remove all functionality from Apple Watch’s accessory port thereby blocking Reserve Strap’s ability to charge the Apple Watch. This was a deviation from how the port functioned in all previous WatchOS releases and appears to have been a deliberate effort to block development of third party smart bands. But this may be useful considering Apple continues to run old versions of WatchOS on their in-store kiosks in order to utilize the functionality of the accessory port.

5. Nomad Pod ($24.49)

apple watch accessories

The Apple Watch can go for 18 hours under normal usage without requiring any charging. However, it may discharge within 3 hours with heavy usage. The Nomad Pod is a portable battery that can be used to charge the Apple watch. This is an ultra portable battery pack for Apple watch – 1800mAh battery keeps your watch powered all weekend. It can fully charge the watch four times. The pod weighs less than 3 ounces.

6. The Bumper ($20)


The Bumper, a product from Actionproof, offers protection against fall. It is made from rubber, making it convenient for people involved in sports.  Designed to maintain the aesthetics of the Apple Watch, the Bumper adds peace of mind and a sense of fun to your life. Installed in seconds, you can wear this classic white model anyplace, anytime. To make life easy, it is also compatible with any wrist band. Bumper case is made of high quality Laprene rubber. It is both durable and hypoallergenic and is the material used for nautical and technical equipment. This gives it the shock absorption and flexibility to protect your watch, making it one of the best Apple watch accessories!

7. The Apple Watch Book ($15.59-$21.76)

Most people will not consider the Apple Watch book an accessory. However, it will come in handy for the less tech-savvy users. You may be thinking about buying your mother the Apple Watch. Why not buy it alongside the book?

8. Pad & Quill’s Roll-up Kit ($49.99)

Best Apple Watch accessories

Of course, the Apple Watch was designed as a wearable. However, some circumstances may require for you to carry it in your bag. For this reason, it will require a travel case. The Pad & Quill’s Roll Up Kit is made from genuine American leather and a soft linen interior. What can be more comfortable for your Apple Watch? The kit has pouches for the watch, charging cable and an extra strap. It’s made for Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.

9. Twelve South Hirise ($39.99)

Few Apple Watch stands can match the Twelve South Hirise. It is convenient to put beside the bed if you use your Apple Watch as an alarm. HiRise is the luxury perch that charges, docks, and highlights your Apple Watch giving you full functionality wherever it is charging. You can safely snooze or turn off the alarm. The weighted base prevents it from being accidentally knocked over in the dark or when tapping Snooze in Nightstand mode. The stand is available in silver and black and is compatible with Series 1 and Series 2.

10. Trident Valet ($45.20)

Trident Valet

The Trident Valet looks like a display case. Do not be fooled by the elegance – it can actually be used to charge the Apple Watch and the iPhone simultaneously. The valet has a 2600mAh built-in lithium battery, making it vital when traveling. It neatly hides away Apple watch charging cables. The LED lights on the valet indicate charging status. This is definitely one of the most elegant, best Apple watch accessories out there!

11. Native Union Dock ($59.99)

apple watch accessories

Charging docks are among the most important Apple Watch accessories. The heavy block on one side reduces the chances of the dock toppling over. The rotating arm on the other side helps position the watch as you please and lets you find optimum angle to view and navigate your watch as it recharges. The nightstand mode turns your watch into a bedside alarm clock. It also works with your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable.

12. Lunatik Epik ($60)

Lunatik Epik Apple Watch Kit

Lunatik is famous for its line of iPod and iPhone cases, which protect the devices from heavy drops. The Lunatik Epik is a protective system for the Apple Watch. Aside from impact, it will protect the watch from dust and water. It transforms the Apple Watch into a ruggedly refined companion more suited for the abuse your everyday active lifestyle dishes out. Obsessively designed to protect the Apple Watch it provides enhanced tactile control and unobstructed access to the watch’s sensor and features.

13. Casetify’s Custom Bands

Best Apple Watch accessories

The strap is an important factor in any watch. Some people like colorful watch straps, others prefer leather while others prefer plastic. Casetify has all types of Apple Watch straps. Casetify will create a custom strap for you. You can also select from their wide range of designs. If you aren’t a fan of Apple Watch’s run-of-the-mill bands and if you like personalized straps, then Casetify will be the right choice!

14. Navitech Apple Watch Wood Oak Charging Dock ($44.99)


If you are looking for stylish and beautiful charging dock, look no further. The Navitech Wood Oak charging dock is the perfect match for the Magnetic Apple Watch Charging cable. The beautiful design of the dock proficiently complements the elegant design of the Apple Watch. A great place to keep your Apple Watch clean and safe at night while charging. Wood oak stand comes with solid build for better stabilization and a natural look for a classy Chic home or office. One of the best classic Apple watch accessories.

15. Spigen Rugged Armor ($11.99)

Nothing will protect your Apple Watch more seriously than the Spigen Rugged Armour. Your Apple Watch will have a protective case which will shield it from bangs and drops. The package includes two screen protectors. The case leaves all ports accessible and does not cause discomfort when wearing the watch. New look features glossy accents and carbon fiber textures and tactile buttons for solid feedback and an easy press. This is compatible with both Series. This one too is on our list of best Apple watch accessories.

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