Major manufacturers in the smartphone industry including Samsung, LG, and HTC have already released VR headsets in the market, and virtual reality is definitely the technology of this year. This is why many other manufacturers are entering the VR segment with new, affordable products, and it looks like Apple too is preparing a VR device.

Tim Cook is visiting India and is meeting many prominent personalities of the country. A few days back, the Apple CEO met Emraan Hashmi, one of the most popular Bollywood actors in India. For us, the highlight of this meet was when Hashmi mentioned Apple’s virtual reality plans. The actor posted a tweet last Thursday, welcoming Tim Cook to India while saying that he is “eagerly waiting for Apple VR!”

The way Emraan Hashmi teased the information, it looks like Apple VR is already in production. There must definitely be a reason why such a famous and respected actor posted this information, so we can safely say that Apple VR does exist and it is not a false news. It is possible that Cook and Hashmi talked about the Cupertino company’s plans related to virtual reality, and that’s when the CEO must have dropped the news about Apple VR.

If we were to make a guess, Apple might give us some hints about the new virtual reality headset (or whatever it is going to be) at the WWDC 2016 in June. It is possible that Apple might launch the product with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the Apple VR headset might be made exclusively for the new iPhones. Well, Apple seems to be following Samsung’s path.

What do you think? Leave your guesses in the comments below.


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