Apple has released a new update a few days ago for its Apple TV (3rd Gen). The new Apple TV firmware 7.2.1 build 12H523 is now available to download, and you can get it by connecting to your Apple TV console to Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

If you use the 3rd Gen Apple TV and keep a track of version and build numbers, you will find that this is the same version that is already running on the Apple TV before the new update. However, the latest firmware update does introduce a different build number even though the version number remains the same. And this update should not be neglected, as it brings fixes for bugs and security issues. This update will help make your Apple TV even more secure than earlier.

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Do not expect any new features from the Apple TV latest firmware v7.2.1 build 12H523. It does not add any new options or functions, but a general improvement in the speed and stability should be noticed. The 3rd Gen Apple TV was released in 2012, and there’s no saying up till when Apple will provide support for the device. We are also not sure whether we should expect new features or not in the next firmware updates.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Apple TV 7.2.1 build 12H523 firmware update, you can do so by going to Settings->General->Update Software Update on your Apple TV. The “Update Automatically” option should be turned on always to ensure that you receive latest updates as soon as they are released.


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