Google has been playing around with AR (Augmented Reality) concept for quite some time now. The search giant also released Google Glass (an AR Product) a couple of years ago with some success, but things might get interesting now.

AR Product

If rumors are to be believed, Apple is planning to get into the AR game with an all-new and sophisticated product. One can see this as Apple next step to maintain dominance in mobile space. The device preliminary specifications indicate imagery presentation and augmented reality (AR) utilization.

Quite a few potential suppliers have been contacted by Apple, but none has been notified of a mass order. Meaning that the Cupertino giant is yet to finalize the end product yet.

Trudy Muller, Apple Spokeswoman has refuted such rumors and claims but one can definitely expect a new product of such sort in early 2018.

Also, the reason one can expect something new from Apple is the decline of its mobile business. Apart from that, Tim Cook, the CEO also revealed his interest in AR following Pokemon Go’s shot into prominence.

AR offers users and enthusiasts the best of two worlds wherein the VR is integrated into the real world. Computer-generated images add fascination and interest to people’s reality approach.

As of now, Apple has patented the smart glasses and the street view in mapping applications which will all be essential to the AR project. Let’s see how Apple uses all its tech and research to get a product that hit the masses like anything and doesn’t bob down like Google Glass.


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