Technology is a double-edged sword. It can be used for the greater good as well as for inflicting damage. While many agree that advanced technologies are a necessary evil, the millennial generation seems to have taken technology for granted. Hooked 24×7 to their smartphones, sometimes they end up getting disconnected from the world, only to find themselves isolated and depressed. Accidents involving smartphones are consistently on the rise. While it’s unfair to conclusively establish technology as the root cause of all evils, it does boil to down “over-use” of technology in some cases. Something similar happened in a recent car crash involving the death of a 5-year old.


Parents Sue Apple Over 5 Year Old Daughter’s Death

A 5-year old girl was killed last week. The girl and her parents – James and Bethany Modisette – were involved in a car accident on December 24th. An unnamed youth – aged 20 – collided with their car. He was using FaceTime on his iPhone and reportedly didn’t notice the Modisettes. The crash ended the life of their five-year-old daughter, Moriah. After this tragedy, the parents sued Apple. The parents have claimed that the Cupertino company has failed to provide adequate care and believe that the company should have equipped iPhone with technology that prevents FaceTime access while users are driving.

There are several apps out there that prevent users from driving cars when drunk. Although FaceTime can be a serious distraction, no measures have been put in place to account for the consequences of using FaceTime when driving. The recent car accident is a clear indication of what happens when technology is used without exercising judgment or caution. One may argue that it’s the teen who’s at fault for using FaceTime when driving. But then there are others who argue that technology should be made available for consumption only after providing the needed security and equipping it with features that prevent such accidents.

image source: scribd
image source: scribd

“Despite both the technology since 2008 and a patent on that technology so it could exploit its patent without competition for 20 years, defendant Apple has consistently and continuously failed to implement a safer, alternative design that would lock-out and prevent use of FaceTime while driving“, the court filing declares. The attorneys have also pointed out that the cost incurred by the Cupertino company to implement the technology will be minimal and it’s the company’s responsibility to do so. The lawsuit doesn’t insist that the Cupertino company implement the new safety feature but asks Apple to reimburse the parents for the financial damages.

Automotive industry follows the highest security standards. But what happens when car accidents occur as a result of something that’s related to external technology usage – like an app in this case? This incident has cast light on the additional safety features the app developers must take into account. Should Apple work on improving security when it comes to FaceTime access while driving? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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