If you own a 12-inch MacBook or the latest MacBook pro you are probably familiar with connectivity problems. The two devices can’t really brag about their number of connectors since Apple recently started a trend of removing outdated connector types. If you want to hook up an accessory, you can buy a dongle. The other solution is to buy a cable with USB C port on the one side.

Buying a cable with USB-C and Lighting connector seems like a better idea; it is future-proof, it will make you get rid of dongles, and but getting a cable made by Apple can be expensive.

And what about buying a third-party cable and then using it with your Apple device? Well, although Apple’s MFi Program (“Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”) is still here, the company haven’t licensed a single third-party UCB-C to Lighting cable, although there are lots of them available to buy online.

The thing is, Apple’s ‘Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad’ certification program for Lightning accessory makers, doesn’t apply to USB-C to lightning cables. In other words, if you happen to use such cable, in the case of malfunction Apple will charge repairs since damage from non-MFi accessories is not covered under warranty.

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Apple posted a statement on its official website that reads: “Only Apple makes the USB-C to Lightning Cable. There are no “Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad” USB-C to Lightning cables.” The page includes lots of ways which can tell you if the cable is legit or not.

Buying an unlicensed cable may save you a few bucks, but a potential malfunction of your device caused by an unlicensed cable can cost you way more.

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At the moment, there are two types of USB-C to Lightning cables made by Apple. The first one is one meter long and costs $19, while the other is twice as long with a $29 price tag.

Until Apple starts certificating third-party UCB-C to Lighting cables, the safest option is buying only those made by Apple.