iPhone models were always a bit expensive, but in the past couple of years Samsung started putting almost exact (sometimes even higher) prices for their flagship devices. Apple might pass a new milestone this year since there are reports about the Cupertino giant launching a $1000 iPhone model (iPhone 8 or iPhone X) this year.

iphone 8_concept_image
iPhone 8 Concept Image (Via MacRumors)

The report comes from the Fast Company, which allegedly got the info from a source tied to Apple. The source claims that a special 10th-anniversary model might sport a price above $1000.

The iPhone 7 Plus (256 GB) costs $969, so the $1000 pricing for the next model doesn’t seem so unbelievable. The problem is that, once you place a four-figure price on your product, everything changes, the product suddenly become more exclusive. And with the exclusivity come higher expectations.

These expectations might be fulfilled if the rumors and reports surrounding iPhone 8 prove true. The first one (and the most possible) talks about the upcoming model featuring an OLED screen, used already by some Android manufacturers (Samsung equips all of its models with OLED screens).

OLED displays use less energy, and they offer richer colors compared to the classic LED screens used in all iPhone models at the moment. But, the advantages carry a price; OLED screens are about twice as expensive as the same LCDs used in current models of the most popular smartphone in the world. Apple already contracted Samsung to make screens for the upcoming premium model, since only Samsung can offer the high enough quality and capacity Apple requires.

Also, the next iPhone could receive more memory, another reason for a higher price.

Other rumors talk about Apple naming the next model iPhone X instead of 8, because it will compete with the Samsung Galaxy S9 (2018) models (if Samsung keeps the company’s naming scheme), so it doesn’t look inferior because of a lower number in its name. Samsung did something similar with the Galaxy Note 7; the company decided to skip the name Galaxy Note 6 in order to not confuse consumers to think the Note 6 is inferior to the Galaxy S7.

Another reason for the name change may lie in the fact that Apple will mark 10-year anniversary with this year’s iPhone, and be adding X (Roman numeral for 10) to its name is quite appropriate.

Fast Company’s report mentions that Apple will launch three iPhone models in total in 2017, with two of them bearing the 7s mark (the regular 4.7-inch one and the 5.5-inch Plus version), and sporting regular LCD displays. The third model will be the iPhone X, coming with (possibly curved) OLED screen taking the entire front of the device, a touch Home button placed under the screen’s surface, and a design reminiscing “a smooth black monolith.”

When looking at all potential new features it is clear why the iPhone X might breach the $1000 price barrier. The new models should be revealed during September 2017, the regular date for a new iPhone reveal.


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