When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, it was successful because of its simplicity. But when Tim Cook took over, the product lines became complicated and confusing, which was just the opposite of what Steve started. This is suggested by Apple’s former ad consultant Ken Segall, who also wrote the popular “Think different” campaign and was the author of the book “Insanely Simple”.

Apple's former ad consultant Ken Segall

According to Ken, who was also the one to come up with the name iMac, Apple is losing the “simplicity” factor that is a core part of the company’s heritage. In an interview with the Guardian, Ken said that Apple customers are loyal to the brand but are beginning to get restless. While Steve Jobs’ Apple was simply, Tim Cook’s Apple isn’t. The product lines are expanding for more business and product names are getting confusing just like the complexity of the products themselves.

Of course, Tim Cook knows what he is doing to save the company from losing its market, which is why he was chosen by Steve. Appreciating the company, Ken Segall says that Apple is doing good by listening to the audience and providing more options to them, which is the need of the hour. For instance, a bigger screen iPhone was inevitable and pretty much came at the right time. The ad consultant does say that the S models in the iPhone lineup are major upgrades and hence needed a major name upgrade too rather than just adding a small S to the previous name.

Ken said that Apple is struggling to retain its original “simple” nature, but the consultant is both critical and supportive in his views towards Apple, providing a correct and balanced opinion. He does say that Apple has still kept its devices simple than any other competitor, which is true.