Rumors have been revolving around the possible successor of the iPhone 5c since long. The rumored iPhone 6c has been in news since more than 6 months and its plastic rear cover was also spotted in a leaked image, which created a lot of hype around the phone. We had also recently reported that the iPhone 6c might arrive by February 2016.

iphone 6c
iPhone 5c

However, all those rumors were just rumors after all and the iPhone 6c did not actually materialize, until NOW. The latest bit of news suggests that the 6c will actually be named as iPhone 7c and will not be released in early 2016. According to Foxconn (Apple’s main manufacturer), the iPhone 7c will be a 4-inch phone and will be arriving in September, which is usually the month for Apple’s new launches. This is also the time when we expect the iPhone 7 to be released.

As per Foxconn’s information, the iPhone 7c will be apparently priced between $400 to $500 off-contract, which is acceptable. But we do expect the 7c to sport a metal body and come with updated specs unlike the flop iPhone 5c.

However, the rumor mill is churning out new details every day, so make sure to take this new info with a healthy dose of salt.