Multiple reports have come up claiming that the new Apple iPhone 7 devices are making hissing. The new smartphones are reported to be making said noises under heavy load. Several users have posted their experiences on social media after observing this problem.

Apple iPhone 7 Devices Making Hissing Noises Under Heavy Load

The issue was first brought to shared by 512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackett. Since then, multiple accounts have come online with the same issue. Some have even posted the audio of such noises. Apparently, Apple support staff has offered to replace such devices. However, Apple is yet to make an official statement about how widespread the problem is or the cause behind it.

Some previous iPhone models have allegedly faced similar issues. As of now, it is not clear how widespread the hissing issue is on new iPhone 7, 7 Plus devices. The responsible component, capable of directly generating noise could be anything from the A10 processor to the audio system.

According to Apple Insider, the new problem could be due to interference with the speakers, or may involve the RF transmitter. Also, this problem might only be present in the first batch of new iPhone 7 models. As per 9to5Mac, the new problem might be related to the new A10 Fusion processor, as the hissing noises seem to start only when the smartphone is under heavy load.

While Engadget has proposed another theory saying that coil whine or electromagnetic effects might be causing the hissing problem. However, it also claims that not all devices are affected by the problem. A benchmark test of 3D Mark Ice Storm Extreme did not produce the hissing noise. Another report in The Verge confirms that the hissing problem does not seem to be very widespread, or affecting a lot of users. Also, the fact that Apple has agreed to replace the device means this might be a manufacturing defect in certain devices and does not affect all phones.


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