Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have been out for a few weeks now and they are among the most expensive smartphones out there. However, their price is not the same everywhere in the world.

An interesting infographic from Voucherbox shows the prices of both handsets in British Pounds. The prices for the flagships are the cheapest in the U.S. and the highest in France – almost 29% more!

iPhone 6S and 6S plus pricesAfter that, of course, comes Canada, where the prices are 5% higher than those in the U.S. Other details show that if you live in the UK and decide to buy the phone by contract, it will cost you about £27 (42 USD) per month, which is way more expensive than buying it from a retailer.

p-bThe chart shows the launch prices and the current values of all iPhone models. Surprisingly, all the past iPhone models cost less than their launch price, except for the original iPhone. Its current value is probably due to its historic significance; the launch price was £235 British Pounds  and it is now worth £238 British Pounds (or USD 370). The Apple iPhone 3G is worth only £30 now; its launch price was 299 British Pounds.

Further details are shown in the pictures below:

p-d p-eIn case you are planning to buy an Apple iPhone 6S or the 6S Plus, this information may be helpful in making the right decisions.

What do you think about these prices? Are they worth it? Let us know!


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