Apple iPhone 4 users or the late 2010 MacBook Air owners have a bad news coming their way. As per a new report from a Japanese website, from 31st of October, both devices will be added to Apple’s vintage and obsolete products list. However, this news might just be applicable for Japan.

Apple iPhone 4, Late 2010 MacBook Air To Become Obsolete On Oct 31

The Apple products on the vintage and obsolete list are no longer eligible for hardware services, beyond a few exceptions. If your devices encounter damage, you won’t be able to to take them into Apple anymore. You’ll still have the option of third-party repairs.

Apple vintage products are specified as those that have not been manufactured for more than five years, but less than seven years ago. While the obsolete products are specified as those that were discontinued more than seven years ago. Both, iPhone 4 and late 2010 MacBook Air were released between 2009 and 2010. The dates might be a bit different depending on the release.

Apple iPhone 4, Late 2010 MacBook Air To Become Obsolete On Oct 31

The new information comes from Japanese website Mac Otakara. It states that all iPhone 4 models, along with the late 2010 13-inch MacBook Air, third-generation AirPort Extreme, and mid-2009 AirPort Time Capsule will be added to the vintage and obsolete products list on October 31. The new additions are most likely to extend to the United States, Australia, Canada, along with the Asia-Pacific and Europe regions.

The CDMA models of Apple iPhone 4 were already added to the obsolete list around the world last month. Recently, Apple added the mid-2009 iMac, 2010 Mac mini, and mid-2010 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro to recently obsoleted notebooks. While late 2010 MacBook Air, is still compatible with macOS Sierra, the iPhone 4 cannot be updated beyond iOS 7.1.2. The current MacBook Air has not been updated for almost two years. The company is expected to launch a new model with USB-C ports and a new OLED panel above the keyboard, later this month (if rumors are true).