Even though Apple is yet to officially announce the iPad Air 3 release date, there are increasing ‘evidence’ supporting the claims that the next-generation Apple’s tablet mass availability is imminent.

For example, as pointed out by Apple Insider, the supply of iPad Air 2 32GB models in various retail stores including the likes of MacMall are already dwindling — not to mention B&H’s notification declaring the 128GB iPad Air 2 as “no longer available”.

iPad Air 3 release date, price, and specs

Same is the case with Amazon, Staples, and Best Buy. The iPad Air 2 is out of stock in all of these retail giants. Meanwhile, if you were planning to order the device directly via Apple’s online store, you will have to wait till late February. More specifically, the 32GB model will only be available at buyers’ doorsteps on or after Feb 20.

All these collectively hint that a new and improved iPad Air 3 could be along the way. At least that’s what it would appear if we are to recall the past trends that Apple follows while releasing new products.

Word on the street is that the iPad Air 3 will come equipped with a more powerful processor compared to its predecessor. But then, that’s pretty obvious. So far we have heard, the new table will probably carry the A9 processor under the hood (yes, the same processor that powers the iPhone 6S).

Meanwhile, Cupertino is also rumored to be working on several new features aimed at professional users, according to a 2016 Bloomberg report which remains widely cited till date. If true, you can expect a much more powerful set of hardware, as well as an expanded OS support for the Apple Pencil 2.

It’s likely that the stylus update will enable users to jot down comments and notes on a range of apps including the likes of iMessage, Safari, and Mail. There are also hints that the Apple Pencil 2 may come equipped with a magnet so it can easily cling onto the tablet’s metallic sides. That would make perfect sense considering that it would facilitate an easier access to the stylus in addition to lowering the chances of the user losing it time and again.

The device will probably be available in two variants — a budget friendly 9.7-inch model, and a slightly more expensive 10.5-inch model. The base model is expected to be priced at somewhere around $499.


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