Latest rumors suggest that the new Apple iMac 2016 is expected to be launched in October 2016. New reports claim that the new device might be powered by the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors. It is likely to come with VR support and Thunderbolt 3. Apple has not officially commented on the release date or specs / features of the upcoming iMac 2016.

Apple iMac 2016 Rumored To Sport Kaby Lake Processors

As per Mac World, the new Apple iMac 2016 will be launched by the end of this month. The last edition of iMac was released in October 2015. The new iMac is expected to be launched on October 27, 2016. However, another report claim that Apple might choose to launch the new device at WWDC 2017 event, in June next year.

The Cupertino-based technology giant is rumored to pack the new iMac 2016 with Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors [7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor]. The new processor will add enhanced graphics to the device. Other features being added by the Kaby Lake processor include support for USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 and Thunderbolt 3.

Other reports claim that the upcoming iMac 2016 will be powered by AMD’s Zen processor along with Polaris 10 graphics card. The AMD processor comes with eight cores and 16 threads. The Polaris card is expected to add exceptional GPU performance to the new devices.

Previous rumors suggested that Apple will be choosing an LG display. Recently, LG announced an Ultra Wide 5K monitor dubbed 38UC99. The new monitor comes with USB Type-C. Additionally, the Apple iMac 2016 is expected to come with VR support and external flash drives.

We just have to wait till the end of October to find out the truth [hopefully].


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