If NextWorth.com survey data is anything to go by, Apple may sell as many as 6 million Apple Watch 2 units in first few weeks of its release. The results are based on NextWorth survey that was conducted across 500+ smartwatch and fitness tracker owners. About 50% of Apple Watch owners wish to upgrade and about 22% on non-smartwatch users wish to buy one.

Image source: Apple website
Image source: Apple website

Going by the NextWorth survey data, it looks like Apple will sell nearly 6 million Apple Watch 2 units to existing users alone. While the company aims at shipping the Apple Watch 2 this fall, second generation Apple Watch is expected to be unveiled in September or October.

What attracts customers to Apple Watches

Health features inside smart devices are one thing people seem to like. Users who wear fitness trackers daily report healthier lifestyles, including exercise, walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 30% of the respondents were in favor of useful fitness apps in smart devices and told that this would make them use their devices more.

Apple considers the feedback

It looks like Apple values user feedback and has incorporated the findings in Apple Watch 2 and watchOS 3. While the watchOS 3 may be yet another reason why people will continue to use Apple Watches, the survey data indicates that the range of useful fitness apps determines customer base to a large extent. The watchOS 3, keeping in line with customer expectations, will feature a great many fitness apps, offer faster app switching and improved user interface. It also offers continued support for Apple Pay. Apple Watch 2 also comes with its own set of improvements. It is thinner, comes with Wi-Fi enabled feature and will also have faster apps, along with improved battery life.

Looks like Apple is very keen on incorporating users’ feedback in its next product, both the hardware and software. It remains to be seen if Apple will be able to expand the existing customer base and sell 6 million + units within the first week of launch.


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