The tussle between the FBI and Apple has been going on for a while. Both of them are putting forward reasons to justify their own stand. Meanwhile, France had issued an order wherein the phone manufacturers will be fined a hefty amount for not cooperating with the government. This is with regard to the phone makers not willing to unlock the terrorist’s phones citing security reasons. Now in a new story, Eddy Cue, Apple’s head of Online Services have given out strong statements with reference to the FBI’s requests.


Eddy Cue feels that the creation of a backdoor, which supposedly doesn’t exist, can lead to repercussions in the future which may not be all that good. The thing that a person cherishes the most is their privacy. Once the backdoor is created, the FBI may request to spy on people using the camera or the microphone. He defended Apple’s stand completely and said that they will keep improving the security of the phone. Eddy had given out a metaphor about the FBI’s request which sparked some interest. In his words, “They want us to give the key to the back door of our house. But since we don’t have the key, they want us to change the lock”. These words clearly point out to the requests made by the FBI.

He further stated that the decision to stay away from using credit card numbers with Apple Pay was to ensure that the number doesn’t go into the wrong hands. Apple Pay generates a different number each time a person buys something. In the coming days, there will surely be a reply from the FBI to Eddy’s words.