A recent coverage by Business Insider revealed that Apple employees are frequently targets of attempts by hackers to gain access to the Apple employee database through their login privileges. Reports confirm that two Apple employees based in Ireland were offered up to $23,000 for access to their login ID and password to the company’s employee portal.

Image: iDigitaltimes

A further follow-through by the tech-magazine iDigitalTimes threw further light on the matter – revealing that not just well-placed employees but even interns are often offered large sums of money for access to the login information. Typically, though, employees who have a lot of power and responsibility over the company’s operations get send emails offering them thousands of dollars for said information.

While it is incredulous to think that an employee as well-placed as Apple would even consider giving away their login information for a few thousand dollars, thereby risking their jobs (one of the most coveted handful of positions in the tech world), reports say that it is possible that some employees have actually taken the bait and the money for their trust.

It is not sure if Apple is the only company subject to this kind of infiltration attempts, or if parallel companies such as Microsoft or Google are also faced with a similar predicament. However, it is confirmed that the problem is not limited to Ireland, and that the whole world faces a similar issue with hackers.

The last year has seen a noticeable surge in large hacks to massive tech corporations, including Ashley Madison and the iCloud hack before that, implicating that this is undoubtedly a threat that needs to be taken care of immediately.


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