Apple Black Friday 2016 Deals – iPad Pro, iPhone 7, MacBook Air, Apple Watch Discounts

Black Friday 2016 is already here, with sweet deals on numerous Apple devices. Check out the best deals here!

Apple Deals At Target


Target offers a $250 gift card for users who buy the iPhone 7 on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint Networks. Also, you can opt in for the iPhone 7 at Target without down payment. If a new tablet is what you are looking for, Target has some sweet discounts; the iPad Air 2 will be offered at $125 discount.

iPad Pro (9.7-inch) will get an $150 price cut, while Apple Watch (first generation) will drop down to $198, the best Black Friday deal for Apple’s wearable, according to Forbes.

Walmart’s Black Friday Apple Deals – Sweet iPhone and iPad discounts

You won’t find any iPhone 7 deal at Walmart, but if you buy one, Walmart will grant you a $250 gift card. Also, a huge deal will be offered on the iPhone 5; the phone will sell for just $99.

Also, you can get Straight Talk Apple iPhone 6 Plus Prepaid Smartphone (16 GB version) for just $399 right now, don’t have to wait for Black Friday to come for this offer. And for those looking for a tablet, the iPad Mini 2 (32 GB) will be offered at $269 at Walmart during Black Friday sale.

Best Buy Apple Black Friday Deals


Best Buy will give a $125 discount for all iPad Air 2 models. Further, iPhone 7 buyers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) will receive a $250 gift card. Apple Watch Will be offered for $219, with Best Buy also offering the MacBook Air for just $800. For more deals, check out the video below!