Black Friday 2016 is already here, with sweet deals on numerous Apple devices. Check out the best deals here!

Apple Deals At Target


Target offers a $250 gift card for users who buy the iPhone 7 on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint Networks. Also, you can opt in for the iPhone 7 at Target without down payment. If a new tablet is what you are looking for, Target has some sweet discounts; the iPad Air 2 will be offered at $125 discount.

iPad Pro (9.7-inch) will get an $150 price cut, while Apple Watch (first generation) will drop down to $198, the best Black Friday deal for Apple’s wearable, according to Forbes.

Walmart’s Black Friday Apple Deals – Sweet iPhone and iPad discounts

You won’t find any iPhone 7 deal at Walmart, but if you buy one, Walmart will grant you a $250 gift card. Also, a huge deal will be offered on the iPhone 5; the phone will sell for just $99.

Also, you can get Straight Talk Apple iPhone 6 Plus Prepaid Smartphone (16 GB version) for just $399 right now, don’t have to wait for Black Friday to come for this offer. And for those looking for a tablet, the iPad Mini 2 (32 GB) will be offered at $269 at Walmart during Black Friday sale.

Best Buy Apple Black Friday Deals


Best Buy will give a $125 discount for all iPad Air 2 models. Further, iPhone 7 buyers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) will receive a $250 gift card. Apple Watch Will be offered for $219, with Best Buy also offering the MacBook Air for just $800. For more deals, check out the video below!