The Coppola-created video game Apocalypse Now has its own group subsidizing effort. The group conferred itself to the venture and shared another teaser trailer.

Apocalypse Now
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Apocalypse Now Game Kickstarter Shuts Down

Around three weeks prior, acclaimed film chief Francis Ford Coppola declared that the Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now would get a video game adaptation. The group swung to Kickstarter in light of the fact that the customary game distributor framework won’t let this happen. The $900,000 objective wasn’t freakish. Be that as it may, after about seven days into the battle, the promises slowed down. With just 9 days to go, the venture has just raised $172,929. The group has now reported that the Kickstarter campaign has been deserted.

Yet, the venture is proceeding onward. The group has set up their own group financing effort at The battle is set to keep running for 459 days. It accompanies a strong $5.9 million objective. As of composing, the promises remain at $62,815 from 207 patrons. The group has communicated their long haul responsibility to the venture. Moreover, they plan to share more insights about the development procedure.

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